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Steward List - All Stations

In accordance with Article 17.2 of our current Collective Bargaining Agreement, this is the current list of Shop Stewards serving the Pensacola Area Local



Administrative Offices   John Olive

Main Office Window   John Olive

Vehicle Maintenance Facility   Larry King


GMF: Tour 1 Maintenance   Ray Leamons

GMF: Tour 1   Ken Baker

GMF: Tour 1 Alternate   Dorthy McKenzie

GMF: Tour 1 Alternate   Andrew Newman

GMF: Tour 3 Maintenance   Ralph Elks

GMF: Tour 3   Dorthy McKenzie

GMF: Tour 3   Andrew Newman

GMF: Tour 3 Alternate   Ken Baker

GMF: Clerk Craft Tour 2   John OLive

GMF: Tour 2 Maintenance   Newton Knight

Stations and Branches

Downtown Station   Vic Killam

East Hill Station   Kim Rideau

Myrtle Grove Branch   Jim Dey

Myrtle Grove Branch Alternate   Robert Boone

NAS   Donna McCorvey

Nobles Station   Nathan Cotto

Nobles Station Alternate   Jacquie Robbins

Warrington Branch   Kim Rideau

Warrington Branch Alternate   John Olive

Associate Offices

Bonifay/Caryville   John Olive

Cantonment   Renee Wayne

Century   Renee Wayne

Crestview/Holt   Al McCary

Defuniak Springs/Argyle   John Wright

Gonzalez   Renee Wayne

Gulf Breeze   Jerri Keel

Gulf Breeze Alternate   John Olive

Jay   Renee Wayne

Laurel Hill   Renee Wayne

McDavid   Renee Wayne

Milton/Pace   Kevin Rust

Molino   Renee Wayne

Navarre   Jerri Keel

Navarre Alternate John Olive

ALTERNATES: (serve all Crafts & Tours at GMF including the VMF): John Olive, Jim Dey, Jovita Olive, Vic Killam, Newton Knight, and Larry King

ALTERNATES: (serve all Stations, Branches & AO's): John Olive, Andrew Newman, Jovita Olive, Vic Killam, Newton Knight, and Jim Dey

Next Union Meeting

The regular monthly meeting of the Pensacola Area Local will be held on Thursday, August 10, 2017 9:30AM at the Union Hall. Join us.