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 Pensacola Area Local of the American Postal Workers Union AFL-CIO

President: John Olive
Vice President: vacant
Industrial Relations Dir: Jim Dey
Secretary: Jovita Olive
Treasurer: Susan Bateman
Jerri Keel
Maintenance Dir: Newton Knight
Clerk Craft Dir: Andrew Newman
Associate Offices Dir: Renee Wayne
MV Craft Dir: Larry King


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Next Union Meeting

The regular monthly meeting of the Pensacola Area Local will be held on Thursday, November 12, 2015 9:30AM at the Union Hall. This is the last meeting for 2015. Join us.

Latest News on APWU.org

05/27/2016For Immediate ReleaseNEW YORK – The mail always seems to get through somehow, but how do you get a crucial message about mail through to the public? Start with the world’s largest stamp show.
Web News Article #: 115-2016Sen. Warren at the Take On Wall Street launch The nation’s 25 highest-earning hedge-fund managers earned $12.94 billion in 2015 – more than all the kindergarten teachers in the country combined.  And eight years after our economy crashed and teachers, nurses, firefighters and postal workers rescued Wall Street, 63 percent of working people still don’t have enough money saved to cover an unexpected $500 car repair. But Jamie Dimond, the CEO of bailed-out Chase Bank, got a $7 million raise last year. These startling discrepancies were the impetus for a campaign to 
NLRB Hearing on Staples Concludes 25 May 2016 | 4:30 pm
Web News Article #: 114-2014After nearly a year of procedural wrangling, 10 days of testimony and more than 140 exhibits, the National Labor Relations Board hearing on charges that the Postal Service illegally subcontracted work to Staples ended on May 24.
Web News Article #: 113-2016 Attendees of the APWU New York State Convention joined striking Verizon workers on the picket line in Albany on Saturday, May 21.
Web News Article #: 112-2016   Verizon strikers and their allies took over downtown Washington, DC, on May 19, picketing in front of a Verizon store before marching to the White House.  APWU members were among the spirited crowd of more than 500, demonstrating and chanting.

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