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 Pensacola Area Local of the American Postal Workers Union AFL-CIO

President: John Olive
Vice President: vacant
Industrial Relations Dir: Jim Dey
Secretary: Jovita Olive
Treasurer: Susan Bateman
Jerri Keel
Maintenance Dir: Newton Knight
Clerk Craft Dir: Andrew Newman
Associate Offices Dir: Renee Wayne
MV Craft Dir: Larry King


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Next Union Meeting

No December Meeting at 2121 North I St, Pensacola, FL 32501

Latest News on APWU.org

Web News Article #: 238-2014APWU President Mark Dimondstein will appear on Washington Journal on Saturday, Dec. 20, beginning at about 9 a.m. Dimondstein will discuss issues of concern to postal customers and postal workers, as well as the importance of a vibrant, public Postal Service for future generations.
Web News Article #: 237-2014  APWU President Mark Dimondstein sounded the alarm on The Ed Show on Dec. 17, telling viewers, “Our Christmas seasons will never be the same,” if service standards are lowered on Jan. 5 and 82 mail processing centers are closed.
Congress Fails to Act – Again 17 Dec 2014 | 5:15 pm
Web News Article #: 236-2014Before Congress adjourned on Dec. 16, senators and representatives approved a government spending bill that also weakens restrictions on the big banks that crashed the economy in 2008, allows mega-donors to make substantially bigger contributions to political candidates, and reduces pensions for some current retirees.  But Congress fled the capital without addressing urgent postal issues, despite unrelenting efforts by the four postal unions.  The unions’ strategy ran on two tracks: We sought to include a one-year moratorium on a reduction in service standards and plant closings in a spending bill that Congress had to pass to avoid a...
Web News Article #: 235-2014APWU President Mark Dimondstein will appear this evening on The Ed Show, which airs on MSNBC at 5 p.m. He will discuss Congress’ failure to address urgent postal issues before adjourning yesterday and he will talk about the fight to protect the U.S. Postal Service from those who would destroy it.
Web News Article #: 234-2014The USPS and APWU agreed to implement the MS-47 TL-5 dated June 27, 2014, and its cleaning procedures at no more than 15 facilities during Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 (for purposes of this MOU only, a "facility" is a single site or location which has its own PS Form 4869, PS Form 4839, and PS Form 4852). By the end of FY 2015, no more than 100 facilities shall have the MS-47 TL-5 cleaning procedures implemented. (This number 100 includes facilities, where the MS-47 TL-5 was implemented in FY 2014). The implementation in the remaining facilities...

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